iPhone InCase PowerSlider – Extra Juice not Extra Width

I’ve seen a few ‘designs’ that bring a little extra juice to the JesusPhone but most have been….how can I say………a little ample on the girth?

This one, however, I feel needs a mention.

The Power Slider by Incase promises to double your phone’s power for up to 5 hours talk time on the 3G network (10 hours on 2G), increase your audio playback time to 26 hours, and increase your video playback time to 7 hours.

You can even leave the iPhone in its warm snuggly case while you sync it.  Bonus!

It’s probably the closest so far to get me thinking about buying an extra boost for my 3G lovely. Even though it does chubby up the Apple beauty a little.

As yet there is no cost info and even though it should be available starting November 28.

I’ll be waiting for my sample (please) – Any one else tempted?