iPhone Hand-Steadiers For That Non-Shakey Film Moment

iphone-video-mountsOh, really!

Come on – I know it’s all rather neat that the Apple iPhone now can take moving pictures, but now this?

There’s actually a top end $300 shoulder mount that made me laugh so hard people though that I had actually won a large sum of cash.

If you think that was silly and too expensive there’s some thing for the more amateur crowd that still insist on shooting on the iPhone but want some additional gear.

I offer up the Zacuto ZGrip iPhone Pro and OWLE’s BUBO.

The are both designed to steady the shot when capturing clips with the 3GS.

There’s links below so you can get the full benefit of the blurb.

Just remember though – I still reckon you’re asking to be pointed and laughed at.

Read the Zacuto’s ZGrip Page

Read more about the OWLE BUBO

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