iPhone Guitar Rock Tour Now Available – Be a Hero

iPhone owners – it’s time to get your chops, riffs, and deep-knee-bends ready as Guitar Rock Tour has finally made it onto the JesusPhone!

Gameloft have made it pretty much a mobile alternative to Guitar Hero – the app let’s you choose your weapon – Drums, Guitar or Bass.

It’s pretty easy to get into and the game definitely makes the most of the iPhone’s touchscreen – you’ll soon be finger tapping, sliding and scrolling away.

Become a virtual career-muso: Start off in a garage and, if you’ve got what it takes, end up by gigging in the biggest stadiums around the world!

Ah – the dream!

Living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle means that the game throws in infrequent alcohol, cigarette and drug use references as well as the occasional sexual reference and a bit of nudity – but obviously nothing that will scare the parents!

There are 17 tracks to play along to including the great ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’, get your Ed Van Halen on with ‘Beat It’, wear a grungey cardigan for ‘Heart Shaped Box’ and of course jam out the hallowed ‘Smoke on the Water’.

It’s available at the iTunes app store – Part with £4.99 and Rock on! \,,/ \,,/