iPhone Gets Copy and Paste – Kinda

Apart from MMS the biggest gripe with the iPhone is the lack of Copy and Paste.

How can it be that this really gorgeous bit of tech is unable to do something so common in text editors since the 80’s?

MagicPad, a new application from Proximi is finally making copy and paste a reality on the iPhone – depending on the approval of Apple’s App Store.

The application is essentially an improved version of “Notes” and features rich text editing, allowing users to modify font type, size, and colour.

And best of all, it allows for copy and paste!!  ALRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

Users need only drag their fingers over text to select it, and adjustments can then be made on a menubar that appears above the onscreen keyboard (see the video by clicking the link below).


Unfortunately, MagicPad isn’t going to bring true Copy-and-Paste to the iPhone, as there will be no way to copy text between applications (say, from Safari to the Mail client).


You’ll be able to copy and paste between multiple notes in MagicPad, which will make it a step up from Notes, but in reality it serves as more of a proof of concept than a solution.


So when will we finally get copy and paste for real?

Well, Apple’s Greg Joswiak has already said that it was on Apple’s to-do list but that it hasn’t been a priority.

Check it out in action – First Look – MagicPad