iPhone Gets A Real Control Pad – iControlpad

icontrolpad-iphoneWhen I first heard about this iControlPad I though it was just one of those “ideas” that would stay just that – an idea.

But now that there’s a least 1 actual, real-life, working version it kinda points at it being a possibility rather than a dream. 

On the YouTube vid you can see the iControlPad wrapped snuggly around an iPhone and  playing Quake no less.

It actually works!

After the excitement you might notice the lag.

Perhaps it’s just a software issue as the hardware hook-up shouldn’t cause that problem as far as I know.

The developers say they’ll have bits of source code ready for programmers and other developers who want to include controls in their apps so I’m guessing all that will be sorted out by then.

Unfortunately it looks as this will only be workable on Jailbroken games as there’s no indication that ZodTTD is going to get Apple’s blessing on this device any time soon. 

Obviously this is something that they’d need to get if they wanted to see integration with App Store games.

Granted, this could change – and let’s hope so.  I’d love to give this a go 🙂

Enjoy the vid below of Quake on the iPhone with a real controller!



ZodTTD via NoWhereElse