iPhone 5 Factory Leak Shows Gesture Control instead of Home Button

There’s more concrete evidence that the Apple iPhone 5 will be packing a gesture control touchpad instead of the home button.

Remember the case designs I posted last month?

Well, thanks to this leaked photo from Tinhte showing an Apple iPhone factory, it appears to add some creedance to the rumours that the next gen Apple smartphone will be equipped with a 4-inch screen teamed with a super slim bezel.

Also you may notice that the space for a control button at the bottom has grown. This, to me, points to the rumoured multi-touch gesture control touchpad could be actually be a real thing!

Let’s face it – Apple have even slapped a touchpad on their mouse so having it on a phone must appear to make complete sense.

With O2 clearing the decks and a rumoured 20 million handsets being readied for release in the next few weeks we wont have long to see for sure 🙂

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