New iPhone 5 dock connector cable leaked

Apple iPhone 5 dock cableMore Apple iPhone 5 news my gadgety faithful. We’ve seen the port, we’ve seen the code and we’ve even seen the job ad – now check out the cable!

Following Verizon’s blanket ban on holidays Apple’s latest money-making idea seems to have broke cover thanks to a phone accessory shop employee getting busy on Twitter.

The picture of what appears to be an Apple cable (well, it’s white,) complete with an unusual connector at one end, pretty much confirms that the new iPhone will indeed have a smaller dock connector.

I now wait to see pictures of the new Apple connector adapter which everyone that has invested in speakers, docks and other add-ons for their Apple mobile will need if they’re looking to upgrade in the next month or so.

Just remember to order an adapter when you pre-order your iPhone 5 😉

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