iPhone 5 Could Get Graphic Contact List and Groups

As we get closer to the iPhone 5 making an appearance Apple patents get all the more exciting 🙂

The latest nibble seems to point out that iPhone 5 could introduce a new way of navigating through your iOS contacts – instead of flicking through a boring ol’ text list of folk you call you may be greeted by a lovely graphic-based grouping system.

Apple details using a grid of thumbnail photographs of your contacts with the ability to tap the photo to get at their information.

Apple plans to collect individuals in groups with people from the same company all grouped behind the company’s logo. Handy for the business user for sure.

The patent also includes scope for using the mosaic-style layout for music (a touch WinPho7 don’tcha think?).

Obviously I’m not sure whether this will slip on to iOS in time for iPhone 5 but more pictures and graphics must be the way forward, especially with the lovely Retina Display.

I’d still like to see an official Apple version of ContactFlow for the iOS phone books though.

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