iPhone Cheap packaging appears

iPhone-rumourThere has already been pictures, as well as a video, which all state that there’ll be a new entry-level iPhone made mostly out of plastic. It has therefore been named the ‘budget iPhone’, the ‘plastic iPhone’ and even the ‘cheap iPhone’. It seems that the last name could be closer than we all thought.

The latest in the list of leaks regarding the new iPhone is not actually of the device itself, but the packaging.

This snap posted on the Chinese website WeiPhone is a bit special as it clearly shows a lot of shiny white plastic-looking boxes with an Apple logo on top and – and here’s the interesting bit – the letters ‘iPhone 5C’.

iphone 5c

Now, taking it that someone didn’t just have a slow day at a box fabricating plant and thought to themselves “I know what will really get those Gadgety junkies out there chatting…”, the picture would suggest that the much-rumoured budget iPhone has a legit name.

Given that Apple had blocked its own entry to emerging markets thanks to its premium priced product a budget iPhone seems logical.

iphone 5 colour plastic yellow red green

Also, having a broader pallet to choose from than the current monochromatic mobile could make the iPhone C the Childrens’ and colour co-ordinateds’ choice.

So, is it C for Colour, Choice, Co-ordinate, Child or Cheap?

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