iPhone 5C blatantly shown off by celebrity

iphone 5c photoThe iPhone 5C has been passed around the interwebs in pics and videos. We’ve all seen the packaging and the various colours but it’s remained a ‘rumour’ as to whether any of it is real. Until now.

The cheaper, plastic, moulded iPhone said to be arriving soon from Apple has remained an online mystery until this latest picture.

What is different is the fact that this isn’t a spy shot taken at a factory, or a leak from a marketing meeting, this is of a man flaunting the fact that he’s using the new smartphone.

The photo comes from a man who calls himself Dreamer Jimmy on social network Weibo. This chap is actually Taiwanese actor and pop star Jimmy Lin.

In a brief post he stuck up a photo of him and his easily identifiable iPhone 5C backside, along with a second shot that placed the new cheaper model alongside the current iPhone 5.

It’s definitely a real thing and not a scam but the strange thing is, the iPhone 5C seems to be shy at showing its face and not its rear.

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