iPhone 5C appears in HD video

iphone 5c greenIf you’ve any interest in the soon-to-be-announced new range of iPhones, you probably will have seen the abundance of ‘leaked’ images of the new iPhone 5C. So, why not top that off with a HD video of that device?

There is a new high definition video showing the rear casing and shell of the new Apple iPhone 5C, courtesy of Sonny Dickson.

The new iPhone 5C is the rumoured plastic iPhone that will be unveiled next month by Apple on September 10th. The video footage below shows more details on the iPhone 5C’s size, shape and finish.

It’s not that first time that Sonny Dickson has leaked iPhone 5C images and he has previously released several other photo sets of iPhone 5C parts recently.

These bits and pieces have thus far appeared in green, white blue and red hues which suggest that the iPhone 5C will be available in at least those colours.

Unfortunately no information on pricing or hardware specifications has been leaked or released as yet for the new iPhone 5C but as more becomes available we GadgetyNews will keep you updated.

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