iPhone 5 and Apple iPad Mini Spotted in Leaked Photos

ipad mini engineering sample dock connectorPhotos alleged to show engineering samples of the hotly anticipated iPhone 5 and rumoured iPad Mini have made their way onto the internet courtesy of a “trusted source” in Apple’s supply chain.

The engineering samples of a new iPhone and smaller iPad have cropped up on the interwebs thanks to a ‘trusted source‘ who obviously wishes to remain unknown by their employer.

The photos show an iPhone 5 sample which is roughly 12cms long. The dimensions support the rumours of a 4-inch screen as well as a central rear camera and a rather yummy unibody construction.

The iPad Mini sample on the other hand appears to bolster the rumours of a 7-inch screen and thinner body, thanks to a reportedly less-bulky Sharp display.

The engineering sample also supports the theory that a newer, smaller Apple dock connector is in the works and the speakers on the rear of the iPad have moved to alleviate hand muffling issues.

Granted – there’s no telling just how authentic these samples are but a bump in the iPhone’s size to 4-inches makes sense but I am still unsure about the relevance of a 7-inch iPad Mini.

What are your feelings?

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