iPhone and iPod Touch To Get Serious About Gaming

iphone-gamingIt seems that Apple is getting ready to get serious on the gaming front.

The iTunes App store is bracing itself to commence selling some top flight games from the big boys for the premium price of $19.99 (I’m guessing £15.00) for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This would move the touchscreen devices into closer competition with the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

This is a bold move as the current games available from the App Store range from free up to £4.99 -  so this quite a leap.

Before any of you Indie games builders out there start rubbing your hands together imagining that huge holiday and new car – it’s believed this area will only be open to folks like EA Games, Gamesloft, et al.

Perhaps this would make it more appealing for the big publishers to release bigger budgets for their iPhone games and thus pushing the iPhone more into the realm of a potential DS and PSP killer.

Apple has yet to make an official announcement and is keeping it buttoned but there seems to be little reason not to give the idea a shot.

Perhaps the next gen iPhone will be a little more gamer-friendly?

Would you be prepared to pay up for decent games on your iPhone or iPod Touch?