iPhone and iPod Fix 2.0.2

Apple has released the latest update for the iPhoneversion 2.0.2.

Apparently this is to fix problems that some folks have reported with reception of 3G.

Once you hook up to iTunes users of the iPhone 2.0 software and iPod Touch 2.0 software are recommended to download the latest update.

So, what is it for?  What is it going to “fix”?

“This version of the software includes the following improvements and supersedes all previous versions”, Apple says before citing said improvements as merely:  “Bug fixes”

So, what are these “bugs” that have prompted these “fixes”?

Is it purly for the reception problems that supposedly affects 2% of iPhone users?

Do you have an iPhone 2.0 that was experiencing problems?

Are they fixed after the update?

I’d be interested to hear from you :0)