iPhone Alarm Makes People Late – Daylight Savings Bug

I thought I’d done something wrong or just slept through my alarm – but, thankfully my noisy neighbour woke me at 7am this morning when my iPhone is set to let me know when it hits 6:30am.

It seems, once mentioning this to friends via text this morning, that almost all iPhone owners were sprinting to work thanks to the same bug that affected Australia a couple of weeks ago appears not to have been fixed as was promised.

What has happened is that with the clocks going back because of daylight savings time – the iPhone updates as it should but any alarms that were already set get stuck. Even though it displays a 6:30am wake-up call it will go off (as it did) at 7:30am!

To fix it you’ll need to create a new alarm, not just edit the old one.

So – you have a legit excuse. Have you used it?

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