iPhone Accelerometer Controlled TV Out Discovered

Ars Technica was messing around with the latest iPhone SDK and found something called MPTVOutWindow – which, unsurprising given its name, sends video out through the Dock Connector port to an outside source – (the TV bit of the name), such as an external screen.

Apparently this bit of kit is meant for movies but also allows any program to export the current contents of the screen, theoretically allowing apps intended for screens larger than the 3.5 inch one on the iPhone.

iPhone developer, Erica Sadun, points out that the touch input is disabled in this mode so that stops the iPhone being used as a regular controller for games or presentations. It does, however, recognise accelerometer input for a basic level of control.

Check out the vid 🙂

iPhone Video Out from Ars Technica on Vimeo.