iPhone 8 model leaks – hints at dimensions, camera, design

iphone 8 model leaked iphone xWe have now turned a corner in iPhone 8 leak land.

You have no doubt already seen renders, plans and concepts, but now we have entered the tangible.Ladies and gentleman, we have entered the next stage of the iPhone 8.

Renowned leaker Benjamin Geskin, who tweets under @VenyaGeskin1, has posted images of a purported “dummy” iPhone 8. which means it looks pretty much the same as the final device, but it’s just an empty shell, with nothing inside.

iPhone 8 dummy

If it is the real deal, this means you are looking at something that will match the final device. The main difference is that the phone in the snaps is just an empty shell. These are usually made for case designers and the like.

iphone 8 by ben geskin @VenyaGeskin1The photos show the device from all angles.

What leaps out at me is the vertically-oriented rear camera on the back. There is also the distinct lack of a fingerprint sensor. This matches with the plans to slip it under the glass front. Although, word is that this is causing Apple problems, unlike Xiaomi.

Back to the beginning

The overall design looks like Apple is going full circle. Where we were all expecting a curved front, this model appears to be totally flat. However, the back, it’s slightly curved. Just like original iPhones.

The new phone is said to feature a Lightning port and be coloured “Space Black.”

A polished stainless steel chassis will be mated to a rear-facing 2.5D curved glass panel — much like the design of the Apple Watch Series 2.

The finished phone will be much the same size as the regular iPhone 7.

Thanks to a slightly more detailed schematic, we are able to see how the other bits and pieces on the iPhone 8 will fit together.

There is an earpiece, facial scanner, two front cameras and other feature hardware fitted under the glass. A neat solution to retain the seamless design aesthetic. You can also see the vertical lens set-up.

That camera bump will likely be the only thing to break up this smooth design.

One of many

Underwhelmed? Well, you’re not the only one.

I think we are all expecting something more cutting edge from Apple for the iPhone X – 10th-anniversary model. The thing is, what we are seeing here could just be one of a few iPhones being released this year.

On track

So, validity?

Geskin does point out that it was around this time three years ago that we first saw some sketchy pictures of iPhone 6 dummy units.

This means that the reveal fits in with previous cycles, at least.