iPhone 8 clever screen tech could cause delays

iphone conceptThe Apple iPhone 8, or iPhone X, could well be the most anticipated model so far. Everyone is expecting something special for the device’s 10th anniversary. The thing is, could one of the cool new features be causing issues?

There have been plenty of rumours surrounding Apple’s 10th anniversary edition iPhone – but that’s expected.

We have heard tales of Galaxy S8-style curved screens (from Samsung, no less!), new materials and clever tech inside. One items of the clever tech might be causing some problems for Apple though.

iPhone 8 feature issue

Apple has been working on slipping the fingerprint sensor into the actual iPhone screen.

Placing the fingerprint sensor under the phone’s glass exterior would make the design much slicker. The result would a sleeker, seamless design as well as handing more real estate to iPhone’s display.

Screen problems

However, Investor’s Report states that, according to Pacific Crest Securities, this virtual home button may be giving Apple component partners trouble.

iPhone-X-conceptDue to this niggle, there are now concerns that the feature may cause a delay to the iPhone 8’s release. It might even come down to a choice of a timely launch or keeping the feature.

The report reads:

The anticipated move to a full-screen OLED panel in the coming iPhone 8/X eliminates the physical home button, which necessitates a move to a virtual home button and an optical fingerprint sensing solution to read fingerprints through the OLED panel,”

It goes on to state:

At this point, we do not believe Apple’s optical fingerprint module provider has firm orders for production, which suggests Apple does not have functionality of the optical fingerprint sensor ready. Additionally, we believe Apple has evaluated Synaptic’s (SYNA) optical fingerprint solution, but that it has not been qualified.”


The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be released in September.

That, of course, means that there is still plenty of time for Apple to sort things out.

iphone 8 renderWe also have to remember that this, as well as other iPhone rumors, are just that. Rumours.

Apple is known for always keeping a few surprises up its sleeve. It is also assumed that a lot of these leaks are ‘strategic’ too.


This will not be the last iPhone 8 rumour we’ll hear, that’s for sure. We try not to post every one that gets out, but will highlight any that we feel you might find interesting.

The thing is, as this could well be the first four-figure iPhone, it certainly is one of the highest profile Apple phones.

Would you prefer us to post more about what we find out about the iPhone 8? Let us know.