iPhone 7S packing glass back snapped

iphone 7s glass backWe have all been engrossed in iPhone 8 news, but we should remember that there will also be iPhone 7S models in the mix. Well, the good leakers have bless us with pictures of said handset.

We now have some ocular enjoyment by way of rumoured images of the iPhone 7S smartphone.

These photos, straight out of China, are currently doing the interweb grapevine.

iPhone 7s glass back

The most interesting thing I can see is the phone’s rear 3D glass treatment on top of some film material.

iphone 7s front and backThis points to wireless charging skills. We all are expecting this feature to hit the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 when they’re unleashed in Autumn.

Wireless charging

I am expecting Apple’s wireless charging to eschew the need for a Lightning cable. Not only that, I can easily imagine that Apple will design its own charging pad that everyone will immediately want/need.

iphone 7s portOther remarkable accents include a chromed rim, the usual horizontal dual-camera lineup and a thicker glass panel up front with clearly delineated Touch ID pad.

Hidden antenna

The pictures show no visible antenna lines on the rear. This would be a first for an iPhone.

iphone 7s topHaving a glass rear panel makes this possible as signals would not be blocked. This would also allow Apple more freedom when it comes to aerial placement too.

The 7S models are expected to line up with the iPhone 8 in terms of processing power with the A11 chipset.

There’s also a potential for a base storage option of 64GB.

The main visual difference between the 7S and 8 will be that the Touch ID panel will be hidden on the premium handset. Oh, and the 8 is expected to have an edge-to-edge display.

Will the iPhone 7S be able to maintain their predecessors’ price point though?