iPhone 7 Plus dying due to camera

iphone 7 plus matteblackIt sounds like the Apple flagship iPhone 7 Plus is having camera difficulties. The only fix is to see if Apple will give you a new phone.

Word is coming in that the dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus is having issues.

Redditors are reporting that their iPhones are “dying”.

iPhone 7 Plus are dying

The problem seems to be connected with Apple’s camera app – or any third party camera app, for that matter.

iphone7 plus black 2016What is happening is that upon opening up a camera app users are faced with a black screen. That, or purple or green-tinged image. Some are even getting an “emergency” prompt that shuts the iPhone off for being too warm — even though it has not gone through a major change in temperature.


One likely explanation comes from Redditor eyesee.

Good news

There is a glimmer of silver in those Apple-shaped clouds though.

So far, all those who have taken this issue up with the Apple Store Genius Bars have been looked after. They have been told that this problem lies with hardware and those with the issue(s) may warrant a replacement iPhone 7 Plus. Yeah, it’s a pain but at least it’s an alternative to not using the camera.