iPhone 7 Home button problems? There’s a fix

iphone-7-home-button-crashThe new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might not burst in to flames but it seems there’s something else. Following the increased vulnerability of iOS 10, the new Home button seems to be failing.

Apple replaced the clicky button with one that doesn’t move at all. Instead, haptic feedback, produced by software which Apple calls the Taptic Engine, responds to touches with vibrations.

If you have problems with the home button on your new iPhone 7, Apple apparently puts a home button on the screen until you can take your device in for repair.

One MacRumors forum user found out that when the home button on his iPhone 7 stopped working a virtual home button to use instead of the actual one.

The message said

The Home Button May Need Service. In the meantime, you can use the onscreen Home button below,”

Since it has no moving parts, the new home button is supposed to be sturdier and less prone to failure than the old one.

Obviously it’s not 100% fool-proof.