iPhone 7 headphone port to be replaced by speaker

iphone 7 heapdhone port speakersThe iPhone 7 headphone port could be replaced by another speaker, according to analysts.

The iPhone 7, as well as the iPhone 7 Plus, might be getting new holes in its face on the road to the much rumoured loss of the regular 3.5mm headphone jack.

The move away from the ‘legacy’ (read: much used and if you want to follow Apple be prepared to have to update everything) headphone port has been mentioned by many who claim to be in the know.

The thing is, what is that much needed space made by removing the iPhone 7 headphone port going to be used for?

With the recent uptake and interest in high resolution mobile audio, could that newly acquired space be utilised by a real high grade DAC? Well, perhaps in the iPod Touch that would make more sense.

How about active noise cancellation? That would not only improve music and audio books but would help make calls and Face Time even clearer.

How about the Apple EarPods? Will they start shipping with a Lightning connection or are they going wireless?

iphone 7 headphone port speakersAccording to a pair of Barclays analysts, the smartphone will receive another amp supplied by Cirrus Logic. It may come along the bottom edge of the phone, the same area where the headphone jack currently is as well as the existing speaker.

That to me would be borderline pointless as any chance of stereo imaging would be lost in having the speakers so close to each other.

Perhaps Apple will, in fact, take a leaf out of the HTC One and Nexus 6P’s respective books and place the speakers at either end of the iPhone 7?

What ever Apple does, you had better start saving now for your adapters as I have no doubt that Apple’s progression will involve more outlay from its fruity faithful.