iPhone 6 release date and spec leaked on Amazon

iPhone 6 sizes mockRelease of the Apple iPhone had normally been in the summer months of June/July, but last year this switched to mid September. Judging by the Amazon screenshot of the iPhone 6 below, it looks like someone was a little trigger-happy with the publish button.

The convincing screenshot from Amazon states that the release date will be September 30th and drops a few details such as its dimensions (130 x 65 x 7mm), internal storage of 64GB and that it’s available in gold.

Prices seem a lot higher than the usual $849 with the site showing 139,999 Yen ($1377). Could this be the expected price hike caused by the use of the virtually indestructible sapphire glass or all of those new sensors?

Amazon iphone 6The screenshot itself clearly depicts two models, so does this point to the arrival of  the 4.7- and 5.5-inch choices of Apple smartphone?

It looks real but I am swallowing this with a huge amount of salt at the moment. What say you?

More importantly though, would you still buy one at this price?