iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note 4? Battle of the phablets

iphone 6 plusApple has, for the first time, ventured beyond four inches for its iPhones and boy did they go for it. But how does the new iPhone 6 Plus stand up against its obvious enemy, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4?

It is odd to see Apple following the crowds with the super-sizing of the iPhone 6, especially if you recall the iPhone 5’s marketing strategy of pointing fun at the larger Android smartphones around that time.

It’s even stranger still, considering all of that they’ve said, that they’ve gone and released a phablet in the shape of the newly announced iPhone 6 Plus.

I’m not here to join in the Apple bashing, there’s plenty people out there doing a better job than I could ever do. However, I have put together a handy chart to see how the fighting phablets square up.

iphone 6 plus v galaxy note 4 graphIt does look as though the Android giant wins the spec battle here. The iPhone 6 Plus does trump the Note 4 in storage options out of the box. Saying that though, you do get the flexibilty to bump the Note 4 up to 96GB by shoving in a 64GB MicroSD card. Granted, that’s not quite 128GB.

The Galaxy Note 4 scores better with its screen sharpness, a camera with double the number of megapixels as the iPhone, a beefy 3.7MP front-facing camera, and Bluetooth 4.1 but the Apple is less of a chunkster and is lighter.

I have to bow to the photographers out there and agree that it’s not the size of the sensor, it’s what you do with it. It’s more how well a camera handles light, noise, and focus and I’m guessing that Apple is banking on this. A camera shoot-out is definitely needed here.

I would like to see how these monsters perform side-by-side. That would be the real test. How fast are they each to boot up, to wake up, open apps, how does each of them handle multitasking, all that kind of good stuff.