iPhone 6 launch date released by senior store leader

iPhone 6 sizes mockI am sure that there’s more than a few of you waiting for the Apple iPhone 6 to arrive. Now we have an exact launch date. Time to get your camping gear out and start queuing Apple fans!

It will soon be time for the iPhone 6S rumours to start as the mill only has a couple months left to leak iPhone 6 news.

Those iPhone 6 rumours include that the Apple blower will be packing a sapphire display that can flex, which means that it’s capable of withstanding greater stresses. It also looks increasingly likely that Apple is lining up a couple of different sized models, with an iPhone phablet incoming!

Apple was expected to stagger the launch of both handsets, with the larger model more likely to make an appearance later on in the year, but according to MacRumors there could well be a joint launch on Tuesday October 14th.

The date was highlighted by a senior Store Leader, pointing out that the October 14th would be an “immense” day for Apple, with the rest of October also being incredibly busy.

How about a triple-whammy of the Apple iWatch or iTime launch?