iPhone 5S box showing fingerprint scanner leaked

iphone5s box with fingerprint scannerIn the run-up to next week’s Apple event, the iPhone 5S rumor mill has become even more active with supposed leaks and mysterious images popping up from all corners of the Internet.

We’ve already seen what is purported to be the packaging for the 5C and now, the latest news about the 5S comes from a Chinese tech blog via a Canadian one.

The photos that have been posted look to be the box for the long rumored iPhone 5S. That’s all fair enough, I guess as the even is in a couple of days but it you look closer there could be a huge give away.

Check out that silver ring around the normally all-black home button.

iPhone in Canada picked up the story and managed to find clearer images of the box on Chinese microblogging service Weibo.

While the authenticity of the images have not been verified, the ring around the home button shown in the images does match the description given by Fox News reporter Clayton Morris last month on the TWiT podcast. Citing his own, undisclosed sources:

Morris said, “From what I’ve understood [the fingerprint scanner is] gonna have a silver ring around it.”

Also, remember the invitation that Apple sent out for Tuesday’s event? That had little silver circles on it, didn’t it? 😉

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