iPhone 5 Sporting Tosh Screens?

By all accounts (Nikkei Business Daily) Toshiba is heading out to build a new factory in Ishikawa with the focus of cobbling high-res LCD panels for Apple’s next gen iPhone’s and Touches.

The new Japanese factory is going to cost the bargainous price of 100 billion Yen (£757 million) and will be built next year. The tech base will double Toshiba’s current monthly production capacity of 8.5 million units.

Apple will be chipping in with some cash which should guaruntee the fruity ones first place in the queue when production starts – probably the iPhone 5 will be looked after first.

Naturally both parties are remaining quiet about this. This could be a touchy (sorry) subject for Tosh employees as the new Ishikawa plant could be a nail in the coffin for the company’s low-temperature polysilicon LCD panel facility in the same area. Let’s hope that they’ll just be transferred to the shiny new building 🙂

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