iPhone 5 Out Start of 2011? Let the Moaning and Rumours Commence!

This could be annoying if owning the latest Apple product is extremely important to you.

It appears that the Cupertino-based purveyor of gadgety niceness is developing the iPhone 5 for launch early next year and that this device will feature a redesign as to avoid the widely (but not experienced by me) reported shortcomings of the iPhone 4.

The Wall Street Journal states that “people familiar with the matter” have confirmed the next generation iPhone will be pushed forward from its annual product cycle to contend with a rise in competitive high-end smartphones running versions of the Google Android operating system. The Wall Street Journal’s contact also said that the iPhone 5 will feature a “different form factor”.

A Q1 release would mean that actual production of the newest iPhone should start in the next month or so to prepare for a Spring launch.

This puts a little more weight to the repeated claims that US mobile network provider Verizon Wireless is preparing to stock a new iPhone early in 2011.

I wonder if there’ll be some special deals as releasing the next gen iPhone surely would put Steve Jobs in a position where he would have to admit the failings of iPhone 4?

Would it be safe to predict a new antenna set-up? Perhaps 1.2GHz processor and maybe a larger screen and memory?

Maybe it will be completely see-through? Who knows?  I’m sure one will be ‘found’ in a bar very soon 😉

How annoyed would you iPhone 4 owners be if iPhone 5 was released early 2011?

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