iPhone 4G – OLED Screen, Dual-Core Processor, Video Chat and Other Rumours

This going to be a regular feature on the run-up to the 27th and, hopefully, some big Appley announcements.

Latest from the rumour-mill is that the next gen iPhone will be sporting an OLED screen and a have removable battery just like the new gPhone, Nexus One.

There’s rumblings that iPhone 4G could have a front-facing camera for vid-chat, a dual-core processor and a flash-equipped 5MP camera.

The favourite due-date for the new Apple handheld is June but any Spring/Summer month seems to have been whispered. History dictates that June is most likely.

The important yet quite minor tweaks seen between 3G and 3GS leads me to believe that something meatier is going to appear for the 4G.

Personally, I’m hoping for all the above wrapped in an aluminium uni-body 🙂

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