iPhone 4G Officially Revealed for my Birthday!

I was planning on a night off until I was prodded into action by this.

Apple has booked the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco for June 22 – a mere 6 days after my birthday just in case you’re wondering 😉

Any fanboy or fangirl will realise the significance of this (the venue not my birthday – that’s the 16th by-the-way).

The venue is the very same one that Steve Jobs used to launch all the earlier iPhones, as well as the iPad in January.

This all points to something big and Appley being unveiled and it’s odds-on that it will be the next gen iPhone – will it be called iPhone 4G or iPhone HD?

We are all expecting Video Calling, a decent camera with flash, NFC so you can swipe your iPhone to pay for stuff and as an Oyster Card and all this may perhaps be in widescreen.

All I can say is that, chances are, it will look different to its forebears 🙂

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