iPhone 4 Coming in Aluminium Unibody According to Spyshots – Probably

Get ready for the rumours to start coming thick and fast now that Steve and co have booked their favourite presentation hall for June.

Good ol’ blurry cam has manged to get some spy shots of the alleged new iPhone body – and it looks like an aluminium unibody affair.

A aluminium unibody design would certainly follow Apple’s latest direction and even though there has been some chat about engineering issues regarding signal reception but these seem to have been quashed by the similarly built HTC Legend.

Reports say that the metadata on the images show that they’ve been through Photoshop – but that could simply be cropping, sharpening and constrast alterations. Still, have that pinch of salt ready 😉

Another thing to point out is that the new units are showing a 64GB storage capacity stamped on their rump.

Everything else seems present and correct: cutouts for a circular camera lens at the top left of the rear shell, space for the ring/silent switch and volume rocker along the side, and dock connector, microphone, speaker, and a pair of screw holes along the bottom.

This, to me, is probably the best render so far if it turns out to be a falsehood.

What d’ya think?

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