iPhone 3G PAYG UK Prices Released

For all those waiting for the details of the iPhone PAYG package – here it is; and it’s before Christmas too!!!

I feel that I have to warn you though – it aint cheap!

£349 for the 8GB version and £399 for the 16GB – GULP!

Your cash will get you unlimited browsing and WiFi for the first 12 months, after which it’ll be £10 a month.

Also as a PAYG user, you also won’t have Visual Voicemail capabilities or call merging.

As far as top ups go, £10 a month will get you 500 mins to a landline or O2 number, whilst £30 or more will get you unlimited calls to either of those.

Now, let’s see…………

£399 divided by 12 months is £33 a month.

Add another £10 a month top up and you’re pretty much looking at the same numbers as the contract just without that 18 month tether.

So, if you’re wanting an iPhone without the contract and not bothered about missing out on a few functions and don’t mind keeping an eye on your data usage………..

The phones will be available at Carphone Warehouse stores, O2 shops and at Apple stores, but there’s no guarantee on stock availability – there doesn’t seem to be the ability to pre-order as of yet.

It’s suppposed to be available in the next coupla weeks.