iPhone 3G Left to Die Alone

Listen to those coffin nails being slammed into the 3G’s pine box.

Apple’s UK online store shows that Orange has a few 8GB iPhone 3G’s left whereas O2 are completely out. Ooooo – but look at all those iPhone 3GS’s smugly parading around.

As if leaving the 3G out of most the iPhone OS 4 updates wasn’t enough to give the poor little handset a hefty hint.

I can smell the distinct whiff of iPhone 4G wafting through the interwebs like some technological Bisto advert.

I still love my white 16GB 3G and will no doubt shed a tear at its passing……..

………. until I click my heals back from an Apple Store clutching my square, flat, shiny new iPhone 4 🙂

Now, should I get a totally white iPhone 4?

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