iPhone 3.0 Gives Developers Cash and Users Cut / Copy and Paste

iphone-os-3-softwareApple, feeling quite smug after reaching the 17 million iPhones sold mark have finally come clean and announced the iPhone’s 3.0 operating system update.

So what does this bring?

Well, let’s get those poor developers out of the way first.

They’re working away to enrich our lives and make a few quid but now we can buy additional levels or elements to games and other apps and those poor developers will get 70% of the charge right in their pockets.

Apple have followed the lead of the Nintendo DSi’s so now iPhone and iPod Touch (the 3.0 update will cost Touch owners 10 bucks by the way) users will be able to play against each other via Bluetooth. Users will form an IP connection, and can compete against each other in whichever app they share.  Sweet 🙂

Maps get a once over as well.

Apple and Google have done well so far to bring Google Maps on the iPhone but now Apple will let developers use the Maps to their advantage.

This means more location-based applications (and probably adverts) coming soon. They’ve also given permission to developers to use the GPS for “turn by turn directions” – bye bye seperate sat-nav!

It’s here!


Kev Rose was right!

Cut and paste!

They claim they worked very hard to get it just right – which might explain why it took sooooooooooooooooooooooooo darn long!

Users simply have to double tap on the chosen text they wish to copy. Once selected a cut and paste box pops up with various options.

Better still – It works across all applications, and even copies HTML too!

In a swish move – to undo the cut and paste, simply shake the iPhone.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Can it get any better?

how about Apple mentioning an update to attaching photos to emails – you can add more than one.  You spoil us Apple, you really do!

Here’s the list:

  • In App Purchase to buy extra content from within apps
  • Peer-to-peer connectivity to play multiplayer games and swap data
  • Accessory support using Bluetooth or the dock connector
  • Embeddable maps -smoother maps in iPhone apps, and the possibility of satnav apps
  • Push notifications, dishing up pseudo multitasking, but maintaining battery life
  • Cut, copy and paste, complete with shake to undo!
  • Landscape keyboards in all apps, including the new e-mail app
  • MMS support and SMS forwarding
  • Voice memos, either through the built in mic, or an external one, fully editable too
  • CalDAV support for the likes of Yahoo and Google calendars
  • A new Stocks app, with more details and a horizontal mode
  • Spotlight, letting owners search their entire iPhone from one place
  • Stereo Bluetooth support

Anything missing?