iPhone 3.0 Beta 2 Reveals More Homescreens and Video MMS

iphone11thpageThe Beta 2 version of the upcoming iPhone 3.0 OS is pointing towards great things!

It seems that iPhone and iPod touch users (with some tweaking) will be able to receive video MMS and they’ll see their number of homescreens increased when the iPhone Software 3.0 is released during the summertime.

Those lovely folk from Apple Insider have even posted a walk through video 🙂

On Tuesday, Apple provided iPhone developers with the second beta and it seems that it has made things quicker and more stable – which is always good.

One change that has been highlighted that differs from the original beta is that Apple plans to add a set of preferences for the App Store that will be available via the iPhone’s “Settings” app.

The new beta includes a placeholder for this panel named “Store” but, obviously, at the moment it’s empty.

Another change discovered overnight by the LoopBlog is that the amount of icons on your homescreens will increase in 3.0.

At the moment your device will take a maximum of 9 home screens, each containing 16 applications. With the 4 applications on the dock (at the bottom of the screen) included this means you can carry a maximum of 148 applications on your iPhone at once.

With the release of 3.0, however, Apple will expand the number of homescreens to 11, making way for another 32 applications or a total of 180 (as shown in the pic).

Go and watch the video on Apple Insider which goes through Spotlight search, voice memo recording, MMS messaging, copy-and-paste, landscape application mode for Notes, Web copy-and-paste, multi-photo emailing, and more.

I can’t wait!!