iPavement – Intelligent Streets and Slabs with Apps

ipavementFancy having a floor with apps? Well, the iPavement is certainly an interesting development and a neat way of serving up street level Wi-Fi.

iPavement, I’m willing to bet, is not in any way linked to Apple but the Spanish plan is to offer free internet access in order to provide services and information to residents and tourists.

It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to update Facebook or squirt off a quick Tweet through iPavement but the listed apps do include Via Book (the library in the street), Via Maps, Via Sound (music and more), Via Coupons (location based promotional codes) and notifications about weather conditions and tourism related news.

iPavement runs on the VIACITIES operating system just in case you were wondering – well, having Windows on the floor would be silly wouldn’t it?

There is a picture of Piccadilly Circus on the iPavement Store page. I’m hoping that this means it’s coming to London 😉

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