iPad Now Runs Flash and Photoshop – Air Display

Before you start dancing around laughing at your effigy of Steve Jobs – the reason why the iPad manages the feats mentioned above as well as running Firefox, etc is thanks to Air Display.

This natty app lets you use your iPad, or iPhone for that matter, as an extra monitor for your Mac.

Once you have the app on your handheld and the software on your Mac just hook everything to the same Wi-Fi and then you can shove things off your monitor or laptop screen onto your iPad or iPhone.

You will then be magically able to use the Mac’s keyboard or mouse to control what’s going on on the iPad screen, or the smaller Apple’s touchscreen to control Firefox, Photoshop or a bit of Flash gaming!

Once you’re past the idea of running Flash and the like on your iPhone and iPad Air Display is actually useful.

As well as offering a little more screen space you can carry what you’re working on into the next room or wherever to show someone (as long as still attached to the same Wi-Fi as your Mac) or to watch when waiting for the kettle to boil.

This very cool app costs £6 from the App Store.

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