iPad mini out soon but expect empty shelves for Christmas

ipad mini and iphoneThe much talked-about iPad Mini could be outed very soon and, in theory, be in stores shortly afterwards but how long will they last? It sounds like this year’s top-of-the-Christmas-list product could be in short supply.

According to an analyst, suppliers are finding the specs for Apple’s tiny tablet to be “challenging” and will struggle to meet demand which could leave empty stockings, down-turned corners and lots of unfairly raised fists at Santa this year.

Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets is the one with unhappy prediction on the day we remember the untimely passing of Steve Jobs.

According to White, yields on production of the shrunken slate have been “frustrating”. Apparently it could have been launched back in September if only there hadn’t been these complications in the supply chain.

White expects the iPad Mini will cost somewhere between $250 and $300 – with the usual ‘swap the $ sign for £ to get a UK Price.

That would make it cheaper than the full fat iPad but more expensive that the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire and Acer Iconia Tab A110.

Not only that, there could well be a 32GB Nexus 7 on the way looking to taunt the iPad Mini, if Carphone Warehouse’s inventory is to be believed.

On the brighter side, he still reckons that the iPad Mini will be with us in the next month.

“Despite continued yield challenges, the supply chain feels the much anticipated iPad Mini is on track to reach acceptable volume levels for a launch over the next month,” White wrote in a note to investors.

“That said, we believe that supply constraints will initially hold back the full sales potential during the first month or so of the launch.”

Saying that though, the iPhone 5 is still dragging its feet getting to customers. Two of my colleagues received theirs yesterday (one white and one black) and checking the site today shows shipping times currently standing at three to four weeks.

Demand is predicted to be high, to say the least. This will be another reason for me to avoid shopping through December – I predict a riot!

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