iPad iBooks Stores 30,000 Free Books

If you’re lining up to get Apple’s iPad you may be looking forward to getting some best-sellars via the all new iBooks Store.

We all like something for free and Apple knows this – just see how many iPhone apps cost nothing. It looks like the iBooks e-book service is going to get a little help from Project Gutenberg.

ProGut has the rights to and makes available 30,000 free classic tomes and will allow iPad owners to grab any of that gargantuan library for free gratis.

Now, e-Readers using e-Ink have been pointing fingers at LED-lit readers such as the iPad saying that it’s not pleasant for your peepers but I’m guessing that no matter what you read 30,000 free books on your eyes are going to be tired.

Remember, if you can’t wait another month you can always get one quicker here 😉

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