iPad HD Announced Today – On Sale Friday

apple ipad 3 hd release dateYou could well have an iPad 3 or iPad HD in your sweaty paws not long after the much anticipated announcement tonight.

The next iPad could go on sale in just over a week according to word from an Apple employee who reckons preparations are being made for a big event on Friday 16 March.

My fellow countrymen here in the UK will be painfully aware that we generally have to watch our American cousins flaunt their new iToys as we’re forced to wait a number of weeks before the Apple-love is spread to our little island – it would not surprise me, in that case, to see the Mach 16th date being penciled in for the US sales to kick off.

There are rumours doing the rounds in polite circles that can afford to do their weekly shop at the most expensive corner shop I know, Harrods, that their own Apple Store may be opening in mid-March – could that be a coincidence?

The announcement should clear up a lot of the rumours and as to whether or not the iPad HD will get a new Smart Case.

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