iPad Dock Blank Key Waiting for Camera and Video Calls?

This is proof that attention to detail is a good thing.

There’s been plenty of rumours going around saying that the next version of the iPad will have at least one camera, probably for video calling, and even the existing iPad contains the necessary software.

Now, a sharp-eyed member of the Mac Rumours website has spotted that there is a blank key on Apple’s new iPad keyboard dock.

Have a look for yourself – it’s the one in the middle above the number 6 key.

Speculation is rife as to what this will become when launched.

Keeping in mind that the iPad keyboard dock already has a music playback button, screen brightness controls, a dedicated home button, a key to start a photo slideshow and a search key – Macduke thinks the blank button maybe for a Mac style dashboard.

I’m thinking/hoping it’s been left for the camera or a totally customisable key.

What are your thoughts on the use for this mysterious blank key?

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