iPad 5 copies iPad Mini design as the little tablet steals iPhone 5S chip [video]

iPad 5 leakedThe iPad 5 looks as though it’ll be taking its design cues from the little tablet, which in turn looks to be getting in on the iPhone 5S processor. It’s all in the family for these Apples.

Let’s start with the larger tablet in Apple’s stable, the upcoming iPad 5.

iPad 5

SW-Box says that it has managed to get access to what it claims to be the latest Apple tablet shell –  and it’s looking decidedly iPad Mini-like.

Sat betwixt and between the iPad 4 and an iPad Mini, the iPad 5 looks as if it has been sent out for a long run as it appears to have a thinner bezel around the screen pulling in the overall width and giving it a more svelte silhouette.

There’s also a more pronounced edge on the back compared to the iPad 4’s sloping curves, and the supposed iPad 5 case on show in the video below seems to share the same slate-grey shade as the latest iPhone 5S handsets.

Rumours about what will be going on inside the case will no doubt be announced soon as Apple is said to be hosting another full-scale media event on October 15th, with the next generation slates likely to be the headliner.

[youtube id=”J84xWlkYjKc”]

iPad Mini 2

The new Apple iPhone 5S is the first device to use Apple’s new A7 processor, and now it looks like the iPad Mini 2 will also use the new 64-bit processor.

Last week photos of the iPad Mini 2 popped up which revealed that the device will also nab the iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor.

Other rumored specifications for the iPad Mini 2 include 1GB of RAM.

The iPad Mini 2 should also be made official at Apple’s press event at the same time as the new iPad 5 – although the event has yet to be made official by Apple.

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