iPad 2017: Bigger screen, thinner bezels, no home button

2017-ipadApple is thought to be updating its iPad range for early next year. That’s not really news is it? Well, the recurring whisper that the new tablet is ditching its Home button is doing the rounds again too.

According to new reports it is said that Apple is either working on a new iPad Pro, or maybe refreshing the face of its iPad range.

iPad 2017 latest reports

At first I thought it was the interweb echo-chamber at work again but Japanese site Makotakara, which is often reliable, has claimed that a new 10.9-inch iPad is coming in early 2017. Not only that, this new slate will have the same footprint as the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro. How does it achieve this feat? Well, thinner bezels, of course which also points to the Home Button becoming homeless.

iPhone 8

This lines up with the rumours regarding the Cupertino cobbler’s smaller device. Apparently, Apple will be overhauling the next iPhone, likely called iPhone 8, with a Home button that’ll be embedded in the display. That display could well be OLED and possibly curved.

You can already sling the home button on to the screen using this hidden trick.

ipad 2017 sizes

Thinner bezels, wider iPad

The new iPad is said to have reduced bezels, with the top bezel containing a FaceTime camera. The new version may gain some girth in the process.

The thickness of the new model will be increased to 7.5mm, which is the same thickness as the iPad Air.

All this falls in to place as word of a 10.5-inch model has been mentioned by other sources, as well as Digitimes last week. They said that Apple is preparing an all-new 10.5-inch size for its iPad Pro line for the first quarter of 2017.

That means both a 10.9-inch screen and a 10.5-inch screen have been previously rumored.

At present, Apple has the 7.9-inch Mini 4, plus 9.7- and 12.9-inch Pro tablets. The 9.7-inch Air 2 is also still available.

A 10.5-inch model, whether it’s a Pro or standard iPad, would bridge the size gap.

Could losing the home button attract new buyers to Apple? I’m not sure it’s that much of a deal breaker to be honest.


As usual, there’s more questions than answers at this stage. It does make sense, but does that mean that it will happen?

After seeing what Xaiomi could do with their Mi Mix, it certainly should’ve shaken up the big boys a bit.

What do you reckon? Are you happy at losing the home button in favour of a larger screen without getting a larger device?