iPad 2 Shipping in 2 Months!

And so – it gets even closer.

After the subsidised iPad deals have been unleashed by Three, T-Mobile and Orange Foxconn Electronics has been given the word to pull their finger out as there is less than 100 days until the first iPad 2’s need to be ready!

This all points to a February 2011 shipping date from the manufacturer.

Sources from Taiwanese component makers have apparently said that the iPad 2 will ship between 400,000 and 600,000 units by the end of February ahead of a much anticipated April launch of the iPad v2.

Naturally both Foxconn and Apple are keeping schtum – perhaps hang around a bar and pick one up 😉

The iPad has topped most of the Christmas wish lists which has pushed Foxconn into providing over seven million units for the final quarter of the year – expect this production to slow in favour of the tablets sequel.

So far, the safe bets are on the iPad 2 coming equipped with a pair of cameras for taking pics and for partaking in FaceTime video calling and following the iPhone 4 with the lovely Retina Display. Word is that it will come with at least one USB port (gasp!) and, crossing fingers and wishing very hard, perhaps a lighter, more Wi-Fi friendly carbon fibre body.

What would you want from the new iPad?

Let your mind run wild and list your dreams below 🙂

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