iOS 5 Gold Master to Ship to Manufacturers – iPhone 5 Release Soon

The latest Apple operating system, iOS5 is soon to be winging its way to manufacturers in order to be squirted onto those shiny new iPhone 5 mobiles.

Apparently during the last week of September iPhone cobblers will be able to install the software on newly-built iPhones which should mean that iPhone 5 would be finished and ready to launch around mid-October.

The latest reports seem to point to the next gen iPhone to be back to the originally rumoured iPhone 4S based on the ‘N94’ seen pictured here.

Of course we all would rather see the sexy, thinner, tapered, larger screened, home-buttonless design suggested by third-party case designs and other ‘leaked’ info such as Apple’s own new iPhone icon.

I for one am still holding out that the N94 is no more than a test handset and Apple are trying their best to keep the new hardware secret – even though the lost iPhone 5 is still apparently at large.

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