iOS 5 Bringing Over the Air Wireless Updates – iTunes Leak

You may be aware that WWDC 2011 is happening tomorrow. Well, it seems that someone at Apple may have jumped the gun.

We already know that Apple is going to go all official with their iCloud, OS X Lion and now automatic, over-the-air app updates for iOS 5.

Yup – those folks over at MacRumors were informed by someone poking around the iTunes updater only to discover the section of page above.

There you can plainly see it mention an “Automatic Download” feature that allows for wireless syncing.

It gets a bit more curious as Apple feels it necessary to mention “…if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps” – does this allude to other things becoming over-air updatable? 😉

As per usual; those party-poopers over at Apple have now yanked the page down in iTunes.

Sorry if I may have spoiled the surprise but hey, we’ll all get to know for sure at 6pm GMT tomorrow.

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