iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G – What Do You Get and is it Worth it?

OK my gadgety friends.

A bunch of you have asked me how my old faithful iPhone 3G got along with the iOS 4 update and what it actually brings to these venerable handsets.

Well, to start, nothing untoward or scary happened.  True I just updated and didn’t backup which is just how I roll sometimes.

Nothing seems to have slowed down and everything seems to be there – contacts, notes, calendar reminders are all intact.

Obviously we’re missing out on multitasking but we already knew this right?

I’m not going to grumble on what hasn’t magically appeared, instead going to concentrate on what we do get:

  • Folders – this has enabled my apps to go from 9 pages to 3!
  • Unified mailbox – all your mail in one place in a neat time-line.  You also get the individual boxes below.
  • 5x digital zoom – Found this by accident.  Hit the screen near the bottom and a zoom slider appears.  Not great, but it’s there.
  • Photos – you can now sort by albums, events, faces, and places
  • iTunes playlist creation / editing – Thanks to Jamie for pointing this out!
  • iBooks – get your free Project Guttenburg fix, pay for some lit and use it to read PDF’s.  You have to download the free app, it doesn’t just appear 😉
  • Spell check has been updated
  • Spotlight search – flick to the search thingy on your homescreen and when you search for something the usual list of places appears but it now includes web and Wikipedia! Although Gadgetynews didn’t bring that up but Subset did.

I hope that’s cleared a few things up 🙂

If there’s something I missed please let me know!


ps – yes I know that my phone is covered in finger prints!!

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