iON360 U – The 360 camera that protects and charges your phone

ion360 u handION360 U is the first seamless 360-degree camera that is also a protective case and charger for phones.

This is a genius idea. Not only do you get a 360-degree camera for your smartphone, but it is a battery pack and a case.

iON360 has unveiled its new iON360 U. This natty bit of kit transforms your smartphone into a 360 camera. With it, you can instantly share a 360-degree view of a story or live-stream it to friends or family through social media platforms, without affecting battery life.

iON360 U

ION360 UThe camera captures 360-degrees, 8-megapixel resolution images and 4K videos with one touch: no syncing and no downloading content.

With iON360 U, you don’t have to change the way the phone is used or download content to anywhere other than your social sites.

The device transforms your phone into a 360-degree camera with a seamless integration of hardware and software.

Instantly live in the wow

The device includes a built-in battery case that protects and charges your phone.

This means that you can capture expanded panoramic views, share spontaneous images or live stream from a spectacular vacation spot, all without worrying about battery life.

Features include

  • All-in-one 360-degree camera and battery charging case
  • Phone charging battery case for reliable power and protection
  • 8-megapixel, 360-degree camera for capturing images and video
  • Quick and immersive stitching
  • 2 hours of recording time in 4K video
  • Live streaming to 360-capable social media platforms
  • Custom ION360 app that automatically launches

Additionally, iON360 U’s patented battery case was not only designed to give phones more battery life, but to to protect against scratches and splashes.

The combination of the case and 360-degree camera helps reduce the risk of damage and creates opportunities for future product integrations.

Price and availability

iON360 U is compatible with iPhone7/7 Plus and Samsung S8/8+ and is available in teal or grey.

It is available right now for £299.99 from