ION Jukebox iPad Dock – Not for the Shy or Minimalist

ION Jukebox DockWhen I say the word iPad dock, you probably think of something sleek, minimalist, modern and stylish. Now, abandon such thoughts and think 1950s diner.

ION have just launched the perfect dock for you hep cats and cool dudes.

The table top Jukebox iPad Dock features stereo speakers and a universal dock for either iPad or iPad 2 tablets.

Which other docks can boast neon lights and be able to charge your iPad as you listen to music using your favourite Jukebox iOS application?

The ION Jukebox dock is also fitted with a 1/8” input to connect other devices such as external media players or your iPhone or iPod.

Unfortunately even though the ION Jukebox iPad Dock is currently listed on the ION website, no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet.

I can tell you want it….

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