Interview 1700 – Flipable Dual Monitors in a Single Unit

interview1700I prefer to work with multiple displays when I get the choice.

Keeping one for stuff I’m working on and the other for various other things just feels logical.

Well – instead of buying stands, separate monitors, etc you can go and get the InterView 1700.

It’s a dual display system in a single unit.

It consists of a pair of 17″ displays that have a 1440 x 900 res and they can both pivoted in almost any orientation.

Have both screens facing you and if you wanna flash the person opposite what you’re working on flick it over so the screen faces them.

Yup – The image automatically inverts when the monitor is flipped.

You also get a 1.3 MP webcam with microphone and 3 USB ports.

It costs $649.99

I got this tasty bit of info from The Red Ferret 🙂

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